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Goal Post Heavy Duty Step Frame Sign Holder

Goal Post - Heavy Duty Step Frame Sign Holder

Product Code: 07629944
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Goal Post Frames (Heavy Duty Step Frames) are an economical way to display yard signs, campaign signs, event signs, and other signs. The Goal Post design allows for easy insertion and removal of your Coroplast signs. Made from galvanized wire, these sign holders are built to withstand outdoor conditions.

Whether you need to advertise a sale, promote your business or event, or simply provide information in high traffic areas, our Goal Post heavy-duty step frame sign holders are the ideal choice. Start displaying your Coroplast signs with our superior strength Goal Post Heavy Duty Step Frame today!

Material: U top is made from 9 guage galvanized wire. Base is made from 1/4" guage galvanized wire.

Application: Works with 4 mil corrugated plastic (Coroplast). Install by sliding into vertical flutes in Coroplast sheets.

Goal Post Frame Quantity discounts available!

10 to 19 - 10% off
20 to 29 - 20% off
30 to 39 - 30% off
40 to 49 - 40% off
50 or more - 50% off

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