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Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate lexan is an extremely durable material that has a significantly higher impact and break resistance as compared to glass and acrylic. It is 200 times stronger than regular glass and 30 times stronger than acrylic. Polycarbonate sheets can be used for a variety applications, especially those heavy-duty applications that require that added strength needed in a plastic sheet product. Polycarbonate can be used to make windows, storage shelves, machine guards, merchandise displays, structural parts, fabricated components, robotics, and other demanding applications. Polycarbonate can be formed and machined, including drilling holes, sawing and routing. We carry polycarbonate sheets in a variety of pre-cut sizes to satisfy the needs of many DIY projects, fabrication, or commercial construction projects. We can also cut to size.

Is polycarbonate and lexan the same thing?

The term lexan is often used interchangeable with polycarbonate (simialar to the way Kleenex® and tissue paper are used interchangeable). Polycarbonate refers to a broad category of plastic materials with similar base characteristics. The brand Lexan® is also a polycarbonate plastic. Lexan® was invented and developed by General Electric (GE) Plastics in the early 1950's. Currently, there are several polycarbonate sheet manufacturers throughout the world. The brand that we typically stock will be Tuffax®. Unless otherwise note, when we use the term lexan it is used interchangeable with polycarbonate and does not refer specifically to Lexan® brand.

The Term lexan is commonly used to describe polycarbonate. Actual name brand will depend on current stock.

What is the difference between polycarbonate (lexan) and plexiglass/acrylic?

Polycarbonate and plexiglass/acrylic are both thermoplastic polymersThermoplastic polymers become pliable at a certain elevated temperature and solidifies upon cooling. and are two of the most popular plastic materials. Both have clear visibility and are stronger than typical glass. However, one of the main differences between the two is that polycarbonate is significantly more impact resistant than plexiglass/acrylic and resist cracking and chipping much better. To give you an idea of the difference in strength between the two, if you were to throw a plexiglass sheet down on a concrete driveway, it would most likely crack and break. A polycarbonate sheet would just bounce off the driveway.

Plexiglass/acrylic is a little easier to machine and form. Polycarbonate is more expensive than plexiglass. Polycarbonate offers more corrosion resistance when used in chemical applications, but it is less scratch-resistant than plexiglass. Plexiglass/acrylic has less degradation over time than polycarbonate.

Avoid laser cutting polycarbonate (aka lexan). When laser cut, polycarbonate will release fumes tha can damage the laser cutter's optics and corrode the machine. Fumes from laser cutting polycarbonate can also damage your health.

If plexiglass/acrylic better suits your application or project, click on the Plexiglass/Acrylic Shop Now button below to view our wide selection of plexiglass acrylic sheets.

Quantity discounts available!

We offer discounts on our listed prices
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We can also cut to size!

For custom cut-to-size or larger sheets of polycarboante, please email [email protected] for a quote.
When describing the custom size, please included the thickness, width, length and quantity.

We also offer custom cut-to-size, hole drilling, edge polishing, CNC cutting, circle, and shape cutting. Request a quote for these services.