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photo of .118" (1/8") x 24" x 36" - Clear PETG

.118" (1/8") x 24" x 36" - Clear PETG

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Product Code: P101252436
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Clear PETG .118" (1/8") x 24" x 36" features:

  • Extruded material with great thermal stability
  • Exceedingly strong and cost-effective

Clear PETG has a broad range of applications, making it highly versatile and suitable for various industries. Some of the key industries that utilize .118" (1/8") x 24" x 36" - Clear PETG include:

Retail and Display: Clear PETG is widely used in the retail industry for point-of-purchase displays, signage, and product showcases. Its exceptional clarity and impact resistance make it an ideal choice for creating attractive and durable displays that effectively showcase products.

Medical and Healthcare: Clear PETG's ability to withstand sterilization processes make it an excellent material for medical and healthcare applications. It is commonly used for medical equipment housings, face shields, sterile packaging, and protective barriers. This plastic's transparency allows for clear visibility and communication while maintaining a sterile environment.

Food Packaging: Clear PETG is also widely used in the food industry for packaging. Its transparency allows consumers to see the product inside, entices their purchase, and maintains the aesthetic appeal of the food. Clear PETG is commonly used for food containers, trays, and lids due to its durability and impact resistance.

PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol) is a transparent copolyester that offers a unique balance of physical properties and ease of fabrication. It is ideal for producing parts with a good resistance to shock, such as food containers, shields, and other protective parts. PETG sheets offer excellent impact strength and are the ideal material for applications that require deep draws, complex die cuts, and precise molded-in details without sacrificing structural integrity.

PETG sheets can be bonded or fastened with adhesives, ultrasonic welding, or rivets. It can also be easily decorated by painting, silk screening, or hot stamping. PETG sheets are also well-suited for a variety of POP displays and interior signage. Shop our top-rated plastic supply store today!

PETG is a durable and flexible sheet product for interior uses.

Applications: food containers, retail displays, machine guards, DIY projects, 3D printing, shields, indoor signs, pop displays, revolving merchandise racks, menu boards, slat wall inventory displays, and many more uses.

  • Allow +/-10% tolerance in thickness gauge.
  • Allow + or - 1/8" tolerance in width and length.
  • Removable protective masking on both sides of the sheet.
  • All four edges are saw cut.
  • Quick shipping.

Quantity discounts available!

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We can also cut to size!

For custom cut to size or larger sheets of PETG plastic sheets, email [email protected] for a quote. When describing the custom size, please include the thickness, width, length and quantity.
Thank you!

Technical and Fabrication Information

We also offer custom cut-to-size, hole drilling, edge polishing, CNC cutting, circle, and shape cutting. Request a quote for these services.