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1/8" x 18" x 24" - Red Colored Plexiglass Acrylic Mirror - #2423
1/8"-Thick 18" x 24" Red Colored Plexiglass Acrylic Mirror #2423
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Red Plexiglass Acrylic Mirror #2423 is a versatile plastic material that has great impact strength yet is light weight and durable. Plexiglass (acrylic) can be sawed, drilled, routed, painted, silkscreened, laser cut, and formed. Acrylic mirror is ten times stronger than glass, and is an excellent choice when safety is a consideration. Unlike regular glass, acrylic mirror is resistant to shattering like glass when broken (please note, plexiglass mirror is still breakable like other plexiglass sheets, but resist shattering like regular glass).

Our acrylic mirror sheets are extruded, and come with paper masking on the front.

Applications: laser cutting projects, displays, home and office decor, diy projects, signage, custom computer cases, car parts and many more uses.

Nominal 1/8" Thick (actual thickness will be approximately .090" to .125").

Allow + or - 1/8" tolerance in width and length.

Paper masking on front side.

Extruded plexiglass acrylic.

All four edges are saw cut.

Do you need a custom cut to size sheet? For custom cut to size plexiglass sheets, email [email protected] for a quote. When describing the custom size, please include the thickness, width, length and quantity. Thank you!

Quantity discounts available!

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Acrylic Plexiglass Mounting Instructions

Acrylic plexiglass mirror is not rigid like regular glass mirror. Acrylic plexiglass mirror sheets will have some flexibility to it, especially larger sheets. If not properly mounted, this can cause distortions in the reflection (like a funhouse mirror). To help reduce distortions, the sheet should be mounted to a smooth rigid backing to keep it flat. There are several ways to mount the mirror sheet:

Mirror Mastic - Gunther Premier Mirror Mastic (be sure it is the mirror mastic for acrylic mirror and follow the instruction noted on the tube) this is an adhesive made for acrylic mirror.

Screws you can drill holes in the mirror sheet. Drill holes slowly and with light pressure. If possible, use a sacrifice board to put the sheet on to help reduce chipping or cracking as the bit comes out the other side. Drill holes a little larger than the size of the screw to allow for any expanding or contracting due to humidity and temperature changes. Do not tighten the screws to tight. If tighten to tight, the pressure will crack the mirror and/or distort the sheet.

Mounting clips these can be purchased at most hardware or glass stores.


Download Colored Acrylic Mirror Fabrication PDF Guide
Download Colored Acrylic Mirror Properties PDF
Download Colored Acrylic Mirror Safety Data Sheet PDF

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