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.125"-Thick 12" x 24" - Acetal Sheet - Natural

.125" x 12" x 24" - Acetal (copolymer) Sheet - Natural

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Acetal - Natural (acetal copolymer) plastic, also known as Polyoxymethylene or POM-C, is a type of engineering plastic known for it's high strength, dimensional stability, low friction, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and stiffness. Acetal is a semi-crystalline thermoplasticThermoplastics are pliable or moldable when heated to a certain temperature and hardens upon cooling, allowing the plastic to be reshaped without significantly affecting its physical properties., as opposed to an amorphous thermoplastic polymer such as polystyrene and ABS. Semi-crystalline polymers exhibit organized and tightly packed molecular chains.

Allow +0 / -1/4" tolerance in width and length.

All four edges are saw cut.

Key Characteristics:

  • Mechanical Strength: Known for its high mechanical strength, rigidity, dimensional stability, abrasion resistance, and stiffness.

  • Low Friction and Wear Resistance: Acetal sheets typically have a smooth surface and are known for low coefficient of friction and excellent wear resistance, making it ideal for applications where parts are in motion, such as gears, bearings, and moving components in machinery.

  • Moisture & Chemical Resistance: Acetal sheets are also known for being resistance to moisture, solvents, and other chemicals. Because of it's resistance to moisture and to common cleaning agents, Acetal is food compatible.

  • Machinability: Can be easily cut, shaped, and drilled for precision parts in mechanical applications.

  • Temperature/Flammability: Avoid using if material will be exposed to long-term temperatures greater than 194 degrees, or prolonged submersion in hot water above 140 degrees. Should not be used in applications that require flammability rating above UL94 HB.

Applications: industrial applications, gears, bushings, rollers, valves, bearings, automotive industry, consumer electronics, medical devices, and many other applications.

Acetal (copolymer) vs Delrin (homopolymer)

Acetal and Delrin are often used interchangeable when discussing engineering plastics. However, there are important distinctions between them. There are two types of acetal thermoplastic, copolymer acetal and homopolymer acetal. Delrin is a brand name and is an homopolymer acetal.

Main differences between acetal copolymer and Delrin:

  • Delrin is a specific brand and type of acetal.

  • Chemical Resistance: This is a major distinction between acetal copolymers and Delrin. Acetal is less susceptible to acidic or basic chemicals than Delrin. Acetal copolymer is free of centerline porosityCenterline porosity occurs during the manufacturing process and manifests as small voids, bubbles, or pores that are concentrated along the centerline or middle section of the plastic part., which allows for better wear properties in humid and wet environments such as food processing and medical applications. Delrin has centerline porosity.

  • Both acetal copolymer and Delrin have low coefficient of friction. However, Delrin has a lower coefficient of friction than acetal copolymers, and is an excellent choice when making parts that undergo prolonged repeated motion against another plastic or metal.

  • Both acetal copolymer and Delrin have a high tensile strength, but Delrin is a better choice for parts that undergo long periods of heavy load.

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