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Black Plexiglass Acrylic Sheets #2025

Shop our wide range of black cast plexiglass pre-cut stock sheets of 1/16" to 1" thick. We also stock 1/16" thick extruded pre-cut sizes. Select the thickness you need below to find the sheet or sheets for your next project. Both the cast and extruded sheets come with a paper masking.* The black 2025 is glossy on both sides.

Black Plexiglass Acrylic #2025 is a solid opaque black colored plastic sheet that is highly durable yet light weight. The surface is glossy on both sides, enabling a reflective surface. Black acrylic plexiglass sheets are incredibly versatile. Whether you're enhancing the look of your space, creating eye-catching displays, or seeking a durable and elegant protective solution, these sheets offer a reliable and stylish choice for a wide range of applications. Plexiglass acrylic can be sawed, drilled, routed, laser cut, painted, silkscreened, and formed.

You cannot see through black #2025. Light transmission is 0%. If you're looking for plexiglass that has a somewhat black tint to it which you can see through, consider our gray "smoked" #2064 or #2074 sheets.

Applications: Displays, signage, partitions, instrument panels, furniture, photography, automotive, aviation, trim components, aquariums, terraiums, custom framing, contemporary art pieces, and a variety of other applications.

Key Characteristics of Black Plexiglass Acrylic #2025:

  • Light weight compared to traditional glass.
  • Opaque with 0% light transmission.
  • Glossy finish on both sides.
  • Shatter resistant compared to regular glass.
  • Good dimensional stability.
  • Suitable for outdoor use.
  • UV-stabilized, which means it can withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • Can be recycled to help reduce environmental impact.
  • Can be laser cut, drilled, and formed.


Black #2025 Light Transmission**0.0%
Tensile Strength (psi)9600
Elongation at Rupture (%)4.5
Modulus of Elasticity (psi)425,000
Impact Strength (ft lb/in)0.4 - 0.5
Flexural Strength (psi)15000 - 16000
Rockwell HardnessM (90 - 100)
Barcol Hardness50
Forming Temperature284 - 356 (°F)
Deflection Temperature Under Load (264 psi)196 (°F)
Maximum recommended continuous service temp176 (°F)
Water absorption (24 hrs. -73°F) (%)0.3%

Quantity discounts available!

We offer discounts on our listed prices
with the purchase of 2 or more stock sheets.

2 to 5 - 3% off
6 to 10 - 5% off
11 to 20 - 10% off
21 to 30 - 12% off
31 to 40 - 13% off
41 to 50 - 14% off
51 or more - 15% off

We can also cut to size!

For custom cut to size or larger sheets of our black plexiglass acrylic, please email [email protected] for a quote.
When describing the custom size, please included the thickness, width, length and quantity.

* For our 1/16" extruded black #2025 only, on occasion we may have to substitute film masking if paper mask is not available.
All of our cast acrylic will come with a paper masking only.
** Light transmission lab results are based on controlled lab conditions. Actual light transmission can vary with stronger or weaker light sources.
*** All values referred to nominal 1/8" (.118"/3mm) acrylic plexiglass sheet. These values are typical and should not be taken as specifications.

We also offer custom cut-to-size, hole drilling, edge polishing, CNC cutting, circle, and shape cutting. Request a quote for these services.