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White P95 Plexiglass Acrylic #7328 (Matte 1 Side, Glossy 1 Side)

Discover the perfect material for your next project with our White P95 Acrylic Plexiglass Sheets. These sheets strike an ideal balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality, offering a professional-grade solution for both commercial and DIY endeavors. The matte frosted surface on one side provides a soft finish that diffuses light to help reduce glare. Its exceptional durability and resistance to impact make it a smart choice for high-traffic areas, offering long-lasting beauty with minimal maintenance.

Lightweight yet sturdy, our acrylic sheets can be laser cut, sawed, drilled, and formed to fit any design, opening up endless possibilities for signage, retail displays, photography backdrops, architectural elements, and other DIY projects.

Our white P95 acrylic plexiglass sheets are cast and come with a paper masking. It has a matte finish on one side and a glossy finish on the other side. If you're looking for white acrylic with a glossy finish on both sides, consider our standard white acrylic #7328, 3015, 2447 sheets.

White P95 acrylic plexiglass #7328 is a translucent colored sheet. Translucent sheets are solid. You cannot see through it, but some light will pass through. We stock 1/8" thick and 1/4" thick sheets in several pre-cut sizes or we can custom cut-to-size.

Applications: Retail displays, signage, letterings, instrument panels, furniture, photographic background, automotive, studio equipment, trim components, shelving, custom framing, contemporary art pieces, and a variety of other applications.

Key Characteristics:

  • Matte finish on one side, glossy on the other side.
  • Lightweight for easy handling.
  • Translucent, allowing approximately 10% light through.
  • Known for it's strength and resistance to impact.
  • Good dimensional stability.
  • Suitable for outdoor use.
  • UV-stabilized, which means it can withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • Can be recycled to help reduce environmental impact.
  • Can be laser cut, drilled, routed, and formed.
  • Modern and sophisticated look.

White P95 Plexiglass Acrylic #7328 (Matte 1 Side, Glossy 1 SideWhite P95 Plexiglass Acrylic #7328 (Matte 1 Side, Glossy 1 Side


White P95 Light Transmission10%
Tensile Strength (psi)9600
Elongation at Rupture (%)4.5
Modulus of Elasticity (psi)425,000
Impact Strength (ft lb/in)0.4 - 0.5
Flexural Strength (psi)15000 - 16000
Rockwell HardnessM (90 - 100)
Barcol Hardness50
Forming Temperature284 - 356 (°F)
Deflection Temperature Under Load (264 psi)196 (°F)
Maximum recommended continuous service temp176 (°F)
Water absorption (24 hrs. -73°F) (%)0.3%

* All values referred to nominal 1/8" (.118"/3mm) acrylic plexiglass sheet. These values are typical and should not be taken as specifications.

Quantity discounts available!

We offer discounts on our listed prices
with the purchase of 2 or more stock sheets.

2 to 5 - 3% off
6 to 10 - 5% off
11 to 20 - 10% off
21 to 30 - 12% off
31 to 40 - 13% off
41 to 50 - 14% off
51 or more - 15% off

We can also cut to size!

For custom cut to size or larger sheets of our white P95 plexiglass acrylic, please email [email protected] for a quote.
When describing the custom size, please included the thickness, width, length and quantity.

We also offer custom cut-to-size, hole drilling, edge polishing, CNC cutting, circle, and shape cutting. Request a quote for these services.