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Novus Plastic Cleaner #1 2oz

Novus Plastic Cleaner and Shiner - No. 1 (2 fl oz)

Product Code: 54012001
available to ship in apporximately 1 to 3 business days after an order is placed.
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Novus No. 1 cleaner, gently cleans and shines plastics without scratching. It will leave your plexiglass/acrylics with a lustrous shine and help to reduce fogging, repel dust, and eliminate static.

NOVUS #1 is great for cleaning plexiglass/acrylic, CD/DVD's, motorcycle windshields, boats, airplanes, aquariums, and other plastic products. It contains no abrasives or harsh chemicals. It leaves a smooth, clean, greaseless shine and helps to reduce fingerprints.

Container size: 2 fluid ounces, plastic bottle with spray nozzle.


Plastics: Plexiglass/acrylic, lexan/polycarbonate, picture frames, exhibits, store displays, aquariums, eyewear, windows, and windshields for motorcycles, air, and watercraft.

Glass: Copiers, video games, binoculars, telescopes, mirrors, and automotive glass.

Hard Shiny Surfaces: Displays, telephones, furniture, musical instruments, fiberglass, chrome, sneeze guards, gauges and instrument panels, trophies, signage, & marble countertops.

Novus #1 does not contain any antibacterial properties. It is non-toxic and safe to use on recommended surfaces. Microfiber towels can be used with Novus #1 without damaging your acrylic displays or furniture.

Do not use paper towels when cleaning plastics. Paper towels can scratch plastic surfaces.

Download Novus #1 Instructions

Download Novus #1 Safety Data Sheet

Novus Products Table

Product UsesApplication
Novus #1Acrylic / plexiglass, polycarbonate, cd/dvd's, aquariums, boat windshields, motorcycle windshields, and many other products with hard shiny surfaces.Cleans only. Helps to reduce dust and static. Reduce fingerprints.
Novus #2* Acrylic / plexiglass, cd/dvd's, acrylic aquariums, car headlights, motorcycle windshields, golf cart windshields, boat windshields, and many other products.Remove fine scratches and light imperfections in clear acrylics.Removes haziness and abrasions from many types of plastics.
Novus #3* Acrylic / plexiglass, helmet shields, acrylic aquariums, motorcycle windshields, golf cart windshields, boat windshields, and other items. Heavy plastic scratch remover.

* Novus #2 and #3 contains abrasives and is not for use on eyeglasses, polycarbonate, or coated plastic surfaces (if unsure about a surface's compatibility with Novus 2 & 3, test in small inconspicuous area).

Important Cleaning and Polishing Tips

Before attempting to clean or remove scratches, always make sure the plastic is cool to the touch. Use a liberal amount of placstic cleaner to safely remove surface dust and dirt. Test Novus #2 and #3 in a small, inconspicuous area for compatibility. Some plastics are coated with a thin film which may be damaged by the abrasives in Novus #2 and Novus #3. Both Novus #2 and #3 are not recommended for use on eyeglass lenses.

For best results, use nonabrasive, absorbent, lint free and disposable wipes. Avoid using polyester or rayon wipes. If Novus Polish Mates are not available, use a soft cloth, such as a cloth diaper.

If the damagte is fairly large or badly damaged, a power buffer may be used with Novus #2 and #3. Use a clean wool or cotton bonnet and operate the buffer at a low speed, approximately 1000 RPM, to avoid overheating the plastic. Each polish should be applied with a separate, clean bonnet.

NOVUS Plastic Polish is a chemical-based product that has been found to be nontoxic orally, nonirritating to the skin, and minimally irritating to the eye within the meaning of the Federal Hazardous Substance Act, and nonflammable. To learn more, view the Safety Data Sheets for each product.

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